About Us

About Us

Mountain Equestrian Trails is a family run operation since 1989. Jim Bevis was raised in the Belizean jungle and spent much of his boyhood in the bush, hunting, guiding and learning. Jim is a renowned adventurer having led 2 expeditionary teams over the Maya Mountain Divide and pioneered the kayaking of Belize’s Sibun River.

His wife, Marguerite, is a Registered Nurse and has accompanied Jim on numerous adventures including an expedition down the Sibun River. Marguerite is often the “go to” local authority on any number of jungle maladies and is often sought out by the locals for medical advice. In addition to developing and running MET they raised & homeschooled their four kids on the ranch. Both Jim and Marguerite still live at MET and oversee operations. 


Older daughter Lacy and her husband David currently reside on the MET property with their 7-year-old son, Hunter. They are currently serving as the resident managers and oversee the daily operations, reservations and all other aspects of keeping MET going. In addition to the operating of MET, they homeschool their son and have started their own business producing custom hand made leather products and raising their own line of Cane Corso Mastiff ranch dogs. David is also a competent tour guide and horseman who was raised on his own off-grid paradise in the Vaca area of Western Belize. 



Oldest son Arran grew up in right here on the ranch and spent many years living and working at MET with his wife Alison. They have three children, Sierra, Savannah and Ryder and after many years served at their beloved home here at MET, have settled in Boerne, Texas.  They frequently return to Belize and are often involved in producing movie projects filmed here in the country. 



Heather moved to California with her husband Chris, a Captain in the US Air Force, along with their kids, Colin and Mila.

Trevor is a talented video photographer who made most of the videos on this site.  He lives in Washington with his wife, Brianna, and children Noah, Audrey, and Jackson.

The excellent staff at Mountain Equestrian trails are all from local villages and some have been with us for over 25 years.