This is a full day vehicle tour, you will leave right after breakfast.  The drive to Caracol is long due to road conditions but the drive can be rewarding as it presents opportunities for wildlife sightings.  The ruins are simply spectacular, the rainforest vibrant with wildlife.  The walking tour will take two or three hours with a stop for lunch.  On the drive back, you can stop for a quick swim either at the Guacamillo Bridge or Rio On.

Caracol is the Mayan site in Belize which is said to be the largest man-made structure standing 43 metres(140 feet) high.  That’s even taller than modern day buildings in Belize today. The earliest settlement in this area known as the Vaca Plateau, dates back to almost 1200 years before Christ. The main core of Caracol now sits on top of the Vaca Plateau at an altitude of 500m above sea level. Caracol was a flourishing Mayan city during the classic period (200-900 AD) with an estimated population of 140,000 people, almost double the current population of Belize City, which would make this the largest populated area of the southern Maya lowlands. The Peten Region in Guatemala, Belize, and the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico are considered to be the Mayan lowlands. Caracol carved its niche in history after a successful defeat of Tikal in the late 5th Century, during this time it was considered to be the most powerful city of the Maya lowlands. The site was rediscovered by loggers in 1937 and excavations were started in 1938 which continue up to the present day.

Price is for the vehicle, one to four passengers.  Each additional guest US $80 per person.  Entrance fees, lunch & guided tour by registered tour guide included.

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