Mountain Equestrian Trails in Cayo, Belize

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People and outfits the world over turn to use us to guide them into the deepest corners of this majestic jungle wilderness. We can go where others don’t know. We’ve been here for generations.


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For over a half-century, FIVE(!) generations of us Bevis’s have lived and worked here; we still do. There’s enough collective knowledge and spirit here to make sure you’re plenty excited, happy, safe and catered to.


A Simple Paradise

Off-grid, open-air and surrounded by fresh floral and fauna we immerse you in nature in such a way that you get the richest experience she has to offer.

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Mountain Equestrian Trails 

MET is an off-grid horse ranch and private nature preserve. We are also a BTB Gold Standard Licensed Tour Operator offering horseback riding on our exclusive jungle trails since 1986. In recent years, we’ve refocused our mission of preserving complex ecosystem that we call have the privilege to call home. Located on several hundred acres of private land, we have prioritized jungle habitat preservation and reducing our environmental impact.  We are also working to produce a hearty line of Belizean  trail horses, with our 20 year breeding program. With sustainability in mind, want to showcase our efforts by offering exclusive, quality tours on the most remote trails possible.

Howler Monkey Haven 

Our efforts of habitat protections have been rewarded as we continue to see a healthy repopulation of Black Howler Monkeys in our area, we now have over 3 troops living on the property. Back in the 1980s Howler Monkeys were endangered as a result of a disease. Thanks to the coordinated repopulation efforts of like-minded friends such as Mick Fleming, we have seen a more monkeys moving into our land. When we first arrived here, there was one lonely howler living in the area and we are so happy to see them flourishing. 

Located at Mile 8 Chiquibul Road, we are at the doorstep of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and Elijio Panti National Park. This puts us ideally within minutes of more fun activities. 

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