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Early morning, 7 AM departure for the day trip to Tikal.  Expect to wait a short while at the border where you will have to present your passport and pay an exit tax and an entrance fee to Guatemala, total about US $20 per person. It takes about an hour and a half to drive to Tikal from the border.  It’s an interesting drive providing your with a glimpse into everyday lives of Guatemalans.  You may see Howler or Spider Monkeys, Coatimundi, Ocellated Turkeys and much more.  Look for the rare Orange-breasted Falcon on top of Temple IV  or Temple II.  The tour guides are well trained and can answer most of your questions so come prepared to ask.  You will be back at the border by 4:30 PM, where you will be met by our driver who will take you back to MET in time for dinner.

During the classic period of the Mayas (200-900 AD) Tikal was considered to be one of the largest Mayan cities throughout the Maya lowlands. This particular site contains one of the tallest man made buildings in Central America, Temple IV (70m), which predates the first Spanish contact with the Mayan people. The population of Tikal, at the peak of the classic period, is estimated to be over 400,000 people. Surviving wars with neighboring cities of Teotihuacan in Mexico and Caracol in Belize, the site lasted until its abandonment in the late 10th century. Due to its grandeur and importance as a Mayan City, it was declared a UNESCO heritage site in 1979. This recognition was bestowed upon Tikal due to its biodiversity and cultural importance.

The Tikal National Park is part of the Maya Biosphere Reserve, over 4 million acres of continues forests in the Americas, known as the Mayan Forest which extends into Mexico and Belize.

US $175 for one person

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Includes round trip transfers to the border, entrance fees, guided tour and lunch.  Does not include departure tax , about US $20 per person,  from Belize or entrance fees to Guatemala.